AR Preventive Maintenance

Leveraging the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to optimise Preventive Maintenance (PM) processes.
Easily manage and review all inspection route activities.

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AR PM is the all-in-one solution leveraging the power of Augmented Reality to optimise Preventive Maintenance processes.

Replace your paper spreadsheets by AR checklists to easily manage all inspections work. Automatically collected data and records for future improvement efforts.

Watch a 38-story building FM use case

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Insider Navigation (INS) is the first company that offers augmented reality based indoor positioning and navigation for mobile devices without the use of special hardware.

By leveraging the most advanced technology we enabled a persistent AR experience in any physical space regardless of size, bringing a break-through strategy to conduct cost-effective inspections, safety checks, and standard maintenace activities.


Easy as 1, 2, 3:


We make your building recognisable with easy set-up. No beacons, no wifi, no GPS, cm/inch precise.

Routine Planning ROUTES PLANNING

Schedule, manage and assign inspection routes with our dedicated backend.

Routine Planning DEPLOY AND REVIEW

Deploy your own routine inspections and safety checks. Explore inspection data with visual analytics.

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Leveraging Data

Big Data Analytics is influencing decision makers across numerous firms.

Collecting data allows you to store and analyze important information about existing and potential issues. Collecting this information can also save companies money by building a database of records for future improvement efforts.

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Improving Knowledge Transfer

Guide staff through the entire inspection routines in AR to enable less experienced technicians solving more complex tasks and reduce training costs. Optimise the productivity of the inspector and improve the inspections quality.

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AR PM Workflow

Precise Indoor Navigation

Our hardware independent technology achieve precise 3D positioning with no Beacons, Wifi nor GPS needed

Location-based AR Content

The checklists are only available once the inspector reaches inspection locations.

Scalable solutions

AR PM works with all kind of buildings in different shape and layout, with no-limit on floors and size

ERP integration

Send reports to your existing Enterprise Resource Planning such as SAP or Oracle, AR PM is compatible with most ERP on the market.

Paperless PM strategy

Replace all paper checklist by a digital approach, save huge amount of storage space and resources to manage records.

Realtime insights

Analytics dashboards are available for managers to easily track KPIs, staff performances and equipment monitoring.

Bridging the Skills Gap

AR PM guides inspectors throughout the entire routine, enabling new or less experienced technicians to pick up work instantly.


AR PM supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and German.

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